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Those who are really interested in weapons probably know about revolvers chambered for Flaubert. They are considered one of the most convenient and at the same time reliable types of weapons. Their main difference is a cartridge of a specific type, in which there is no gunpowder. Instead of gunpowder, Flaubert cartridges use a pyrotechnic mixture, which is the driving force. They relate to ring-ignition ammunition.

Flaubert’s weapons can be compared with conventional firearms in terms of power. The main difference is that the first type is allowed by the legislation of Ukraine for use and everyday wear by all adult Ukrainians. In order to buy such a revolver, you do not have to get special permits or certificates. That is, this weapon will be a great gift for a man or woman who cares about their safety.

One of the most popular manufacturers of revolvers chambered for Flaubert among buyers is the Turkish company Voltran, which produces a line of Ekol weapons. In the Ukrainian market, the first series of such revolvers was the Ekol Viper. Later there was Ekol Major and Ekol Arda. Despite the great popularity of this weapon, Voltran recently released another series — Ekol Python, which can very quickly become a successful replacement for Ekol Major. The new series, like the previous ones, is presented in four versions: a short nickel-plated 2.5” barrel and in black, as well as a long nickel-plated 4.5” barrel or with a blued coating.

The most versatile revolver model for sports shooting or wearing every day will be the Ekol Major Berg 2.5”. Its main parts are made of high-strength steel, designed specifically for weapons. The case can be coated either with nickel for additional protection against mechanical damage, or with a film of iron oxides. There are no rifling on the barrel. The revolver’s drum rotates counterclockwise, it can hold 9 Flaubert cartridges. To reload the weapon, you need to flip the drum to the left. The revolver’s weight is 710 grams. The bullet leaves the barrel with an initial velocity of 160 m/ s. The weapon has a convenient handle, which is made of black plastic. It is convenient to hold it in your hand, because it is covered with a non-slip surface, there are special notches for fingers.

For sports shooting, the Ekol Major Berg 4.5” revolver will be a good solution. It is also presented in two versions — with a blued and nickel-plated barrel, on which there are no rifling. The main parts and the body are made of high-strength weapon steel. The capacity of the drum is 9 rounds of 4 mm caliber. It is recharged by reclining to the left. The bullet departure speed is 180 m/s. The handle is grooved, made of black plastic, very comfortable for the hand due to the presence of special recesses. All handle pads can be replaced with similar ones. The weight of the weapon is 800 grams.

Voltran is becoming more and more popular in the CIS countries. The budget weapons produced by it are practically not inferior to expensive ones. The fact is that during its manufacture cheaper materials are used, which significantly reduce the cost of the product. The company is constantly working to improve the quality of manufactured weapons, introducing innovative technologies into production.


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