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For amateur shooters, 4-millimeter revolvers chambered for Flaubert are considered one of the best options. This weapon is quite accurate in shooting, reliable and unpretentious, and it is also easy to use and maintain. There are a huge number of brands of this type of weapon, among which Safari brand revolvers rightfully hold a leading position. These pistols are assembled in Ukraine, namely in Kharkiv, which has been known for the production of excellent weapons since the last century. Safari revolvers are assembled on Czech machines, which ensures the quality of products, while the price for our domestic buyer is quite acceptable.  

The name of the models of this brand means the main characteristics:

  • the first digit is the caliber;
  • the second digit is the length of the barrel in inches;
  • the third is the presence or absence of a sighting bar.

Example: LATEK Safari RF-420 – caliber 4 mm, 2 inch barrel, no aiming bar. The Safari RF-441 LATEX is 4 mm, 4 inches and there is a sighting bar.

Revolvers chambered for Flaubert from Safari are divided into 4 groups: LATEK Safari RF-420, LATEK Safari RF-430, LATEK Safari RF-440, LATEK Safari RF-461. Each of them is represented on the market by four revolvers, all of them differ in the material of the handle: it can be made of wood (beech or walnut), rubber + metal or high-strength plastic.  

The Safari RF-420 LATEC is the most common model. It is ideal for wearing, because its trunk is only 2 inches. But the accuracy of such weapons is “lame”.

Safari RF-430 LATEX is the “golden mean” between convenience and accuracy. It is quite comfortable and fits well in a holster.

LATEK Safari RF-440 is rightfully called the favorite in this series. A vivid example of the ideal ratio of all characteristics.

LATEK Safari RF-461 is a revolver with the best accuracy indicators, it is equipped with an adjustable aiming bar.

Safari revolvers are characterized by the high quality of their components, which increases their reliability. So, the drums are made of durable weapon steel, which guarantees it high resistance to deformation and mechanical damage. And the steel rifled barrels of Safari revolvers are processed externally by the raven method. At the same time, revolvers chambered for Flaubert Safari series are equipped with a double-action trigger mechanism: it helps to increase the rate of fire, but reduces its accuracy and accuracy. To improve these characteristics, it is recommended to cock the trigger manually before firing.

The material of the handle is also important:

  • Rubber + metal give maximum reliability and unpretentiousness. In addition, this handle fits perfectly and does not slip out.
  • Wooden handles are resistant to overheating and have a nice design.
  • Plastic handles allow you to save on the cost of the gun.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake, because all the handles are replaceable and can be replaced over time.

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