Of course, every athlete, regardless of whether he is engaged in sports professionally or he is an amateur athlete who is fond of intense loads, needs special uniforms. Compression clothing is ideal for these purposes. Why is it her, and not the usual tracksuit for many? Let’s try to figure it out further.

So, compression underwear, tightly fitting the athlete’s body, exerts a certain degree of compression – pressure on his muscles, thereby not only improving blood circulation in his owner and saturating his tissue cells with oxygen, as well as other nutrients, but also removing lactic acid from his body. That is why, men’s and women’s compression clothing for sports, which appeared not so long ago, is in special demand today among runners, light and weightlifters, crossfitters and even wrestlers of various martial arts.

However, before buying pants, leggings, leggings or any other element of compression clothing in Kiev or in other cities of Ukraine, it is important to understand its purpose and species diversity. This will help to properly compose a suit for running and fitness in the gym, as well as sports training in the fresh air. After all, as you know, each part of the compression mold has its own function.

Compression clothing for sports: why is it needed?

There is a reason why women’s and men’s compression clothing for sports is so popular today. Its benefits for any athlete can hardly be overestimated. And all because she:

  • provides muscle and vascular tone: due to the external compressive effect of compression underwear on the upper or lower extremities of athletes, blood microcirculation in them significantly improves. So, for example, wearing compression golf or gaiters significantly reduces the manifestations of varicose veins, suspends the progression of such a disease, even despite the continuation of training;
  • promotes oxygen exchange in muscle tissues: this is achieved by increasing the overall vascular tone. By saturating the muscles with oxygen, blood circulation in them improves, and as a result, they work much more efficiently;
  • gives additional stability to the legs: compression clothing such as socks or knee socks stabilize the joints and give stability to the foot. This becomes possible thanks to a special “frame” that performs the function of an exoskeleton;
  • activates the excretion of breakdown products – lactic acid from muscle fibers: it is undeniable that those athletes who use female or male compression knitwear during training, regardless of whether it is trousers, leggings, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts or any other items of clothing, experience much less discomfort and pain in muscles;
  • reduces the load on the heart muscle: according to research data, while running in a compression suit consisting of T-shirts (sweatshirts), pants (shorts) and golf (gaiters), the athlete’s heart rate slows down by about 2 beats per minute, which is 1.5% in percentage. Which, of course, has a positive effect on the general state of health of the athlete;
  • improves coordination of movement: all due to the fact that in compression clothing, every movement of the legs is felt more clearly.

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Compression clothing for sports: its main types

The compression clothing for sports presented on the modern market is divided into the following types:

  • competitive: it is used by athletes for training. Its main purpose is to facilitate the work of blood vessels and muscles, reduce the risk of injury and improve the quality of the training process. All pants, shorts, leggings, leggings, T-shirts, sweatshirts and even knee socks of this type belong to the first class of compression. This means that, apart from preventive action, they have no therapeutic effect; 
  • regenerating: this compression jersey belongs to the 2-4 compression class. It, being a kind of “medicine”, is used only as prescribed by a doctor in order to recover from serious injuries and surgical intervention.

However, do not forget that any clothes that have a compression effect are suitable only for those who are closely involved in sports. If you attend workouts only a few times a week, or during fitness classes or any other sport you do not expose yourself to heavy physical exertion, then you will not need a compression suit. On the contrary, its use can lead to disruption of the cardiovascular system. 

Compression T-shirt or jacket, pants or shorts: which workout suit to choose?

Due to the fact that compression clothing is represented today by a huge model range, every athlete has the opportunity to choose the most suitable version of sports equipment for their training. The main thing is to take into account the specifics of the training process. So:

  • if your goal is to set a bench press record, then you can’t do without a compression T–shirt or T-shirt. These elements of a men’s sports suit with a compression effect will not only reduce the load on the athlete’s heart muscle, as well as activate the excretion of lactic acid from his body, but also effectively isolate his muscles and torso, giving the appearance of masculinity and aesthetics;
  • you will need knee socks and pants to run. And all because the use of such products while running long distances reduces the likelihood of pain in the legs of an athlete the next day after training by 10-14%;
  • for tennis, volleyball or rowing, you will need both shorts and leggings, as well as a T-shirt, as well as armbands with compression action. Thanks to them, the endurance of athletes will significantly increase;
  • during fitness training, girls will need such elements of a women’s suit with compression as leggings or leggings. They will not only improve the tone of the leg muscles, but also, emphasizing the waist and hugging the hips, will present the female figure in the best light;
  • at the time of sparring fights, compression pants and long-sleeve sweatshirts will become indispensable. They will protect the athlete from skin infections, which can be obtained during fights. After all, when fighters are sparring, they often rub against each other with different areas of skin.

However, compression knitwear is used not only during summer training, but also at the time of winter sports, acting as a tightening underwear. In this case, we are talking about:

  • about sledding, snowboarding and beans;
  • about short track speed skating;
  • about skiing.

And which model of clothing with the compression effect to choose, the decision should be made by you, based on personal preferences, the time of year and the sport you are engaged in.

Compression leggings and leggings: what are their advantages?

It is definitely better to buy compression leggings or leggings for active sports training. As a rule, all of them, not only female, but also male models, are made of polyester or spandex – a material that is endowed with excellent performance characteristics. This means that such compression clothing is capable of:

  • to ensure the maximum training result;
  • reduce muscle fatigue;
  • create a micro-massage effect;
  • improve coordination of movements;
  • prevent the appearance of muscle pain.

In addition, wearing clothes such as compression leggings or leggings during sports makes the training process much more comfortable. Moreover, they are good at removing moisture and letting in air.

The choice of compression clothing for sports: basic recommendations

Regardless of whether you purchase compression clothing for the gym or for outdoor sports training, it is important to follow some rules in the process of choosing it. Exactly:

  • it is important to buy compression knitwear strictly in size. After all, too large tracksuits will not be able to provide the desired compression effect. And too small will squeeze the body, causing the athlete discomfort; 
  • it is good if the things you purchase with the compression effect are additionally equipped with retracting elements. They are placed on those parts of the body that are loaded the most, will allow you to train with greater efficiency;
  • equally important is the presence of antibacterial impregnation in compression clothing. Only she will protect her owner from possible skin infections.

Another point: when choosing a compression suit for yourself, pay attention to its appearance. First of all, you should like each product. Secondly, all seams and joints on it should be flat. Thanks to this, the clothes will not rub you at the time of training.

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