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Of course, every hunter dreams of shooting well. After all, his accuracy directly depends on how many trophies he will take. However, accurate shooting skills are developed over the years. The thing is that in order to aim deftly, it is necessary to visually combine several points removed at different distances from the eye. And all this in a split second. The collimator sight makes this task much easier. Simply put, it replaces the rear sight and the front sight with a luminous stamp. Aim the aiming mark at the target and shoot – all that remains for the hunter to do so that the desired prey is “in his hands”.

Therefore, thanks to the collimator sight, shooting turns out to be more convenient, faster, and most importantly – more accurate. That is why, if you are the lucky owner of a brand–new pneumatic or smoothbore weapon, dreaming of acquiring sighting equipment, in this case a collimator is what you need. However, before buying it in the Liga Sporta online store, it is important to understand exactly what it will be used for. After all, the operational characteristics of collimator sights for hunting, airsoft or sports shooting will differ significantly. However, even some types of hunting involve the use of collimators with different labels. Thus, the choice of such sighting equipment should be approached carefully, carefully understanding the basic nuances. This is what we will do next.

Collimator sight for pneumatics: how does it work?

Currently, the demand for collimator sights is growing day by day. And all because such devices, used for more accurate shooting, are perfectly suitable for different types of firearms. At the same time, collimators can be equipped with pistols, crossbows and even bows. However, they are most popular among owners of pneumatics.

Based on which projection system is used in collimator sights, they can be of two types. Exactly:

  • reflex: they are considered classics of the genre and work according to the following principle: an LED hidden inside the case emits light towards a lens with a reflex coating on its inner surface. The light rays reflected from the lens surface form a parallel beam, which subsequently needs to be combined with the target. The main advantage of the classical projection system is the complete absence of parallax. In other words, no matter how the pupil of the shooter shifts, the position of the sighting mark will not change. This means that he will not have to cover his eye or keep it at the same distance from the eyepiece;
  • holographic (diffraction): all that distinguishes collimator holographic sights from reflex ones is the final image. Here, instead of the usual red dot in the lens cavity, the shooter sees a flat hologram with a glowing stamp.

And to buy a classic collimator for pneumatics or order a holographic sight, the decision is yours.

Open and closed collimator sights: what are their differences?

Depending on the design features , collimator sights are divided into:

  • open: they are characterized by the presence of an open lens placed in a special frame. However, despite the simple design, such sighting equipment boasts a light weight, as a result of which it does not affect the balance of the weapon, and a wide field of view, which does not interfere with the review. Another equally important advantage of this type of collimator sight is the low price. Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive sighting device for light pneumatics or for small–caliber weapons, an open collimator is an excellent choice. But keep in mind: in some models of these devices there is no protection from adverse environmental influences, therefore the slightest precipitation falling on the lens can distort the brand; 
  • closed: unlike open, collimator sights of a closed type consist of several lenses – the front and the eyepiece lens, which are clad in a durable sealed case. This allows them to be used even in “harsh” natural conditions. Among their undeniable advantages are high reliability, durability, resistance to impact and recoil. But they have a slightly smaller field of view than the previous models. In addition, closed collimator sights are bulky. Thus, they are more suitable for those shooters who prefer to shoot from a smoothbore weapon of large caliber. 

Which one is better – open or closed? It is worth saying that this is a matter of personal preferences of each hunter.

Collimator sight for 12-gauge smoothbore weapons: how to choose it?

As a rule, smoothbore 12-caliber weapons are used for hunting large animals or summer game. And, as you know, such prey is a fast-moving target. Therefore, in this case it is better to have a collimator sight on the gun. But his choice should be approached responsibly. And all because not every model of such a sighting device withstands recoil. And besides, some of them are endowed with additional capabilities, while others are not. That is why, in the process of choosing a collimator for a 12-caliber smoothbore weapon, it is so important to take into account the following points:

  • design features of the sight. As already noted, open-type sighting equipment has a much wider viewing angle, which means it is better to use it for shooting at moving targets at short distances. And closed collimator sights are more protected, so they can be used in all weather conditions;
  • the size and appearance of the brand. If we talk about the size of the sighting marks, then these data are indicated in angular minutes and can have, for example, the following values: 1,2 or 4 MOA. If you transfer them to a target, then at a distance of 100 meters they will block 3, 6 or 12 centimeters on it, respectively. Therefore, when determining the size of the collimator sighting mark for smoothbore weapons, it is important that it be small in relation to the target. As for the appearance of the brand, it can be represented as a risk, a crosshair or a point. As you can see, the choice is great. But here everything depends on the preferences of the shooter; 
  • resistance to recoil. Since we are talking about this parameter, it is worth noting that it is quite logical to buy in Kiev or in any other region of Ukraine that collimator sight, which easily copes with the recoil. Thanks to this, the glass will not fly out after the first shot and the point will not “float”. However, do not think that the collimator for a 12-gauge smoothbore, which will surely withstand the recoil, must necessarily be expensive. After all, even some relatively inexpensive models are able to cope with this. The main thing is to trust an experienced seller, which is the Liga Sporta online store;

  • the method of attaching a collimator sight to a smoothbore weapon. Before purchasing a particular collimator model, the shooter must clearly understand how he will install it on the gun. Is it equipped with the necessary bar? In the absence of such, find out if there is an opportunity to put it. If there is one, then what type is the Picatinny, Weaver or dovetail strap. Or maybe in general, a hunter has a ventilated bar on a smoothbore, which is not uncommon. However, when installing a collimator sight on it, it is worth considering the feature that it may turn out to be too soft, because the recoil may bend it;
  • additional features. As for additional functionality, collimators for smoothbore weapons can be equipped with auxiliary options. Namely: magnifiers – magnifying lenses that add multiplicity to the lens and bring the target closer. The laser designator is another equally useful function of the collimator sight, used, among other things, for firing 12–caliber weapons with smooth barrels. The essence of its application is to expand the range of aiming: from very short distances to longer distances. However, do not forget that additional features always hide extra waste. And buying a collimator sight with more functionality is no exception. However, if you are ready for this, then in the end your gun will “be able” to do a little more.

Of course, choosing a collimator sight for hunting, it is important for every hunter to find at the same time an inexpensive, reliable and durable model that is unpretentious in maintenance. Of course, the sighting equipment of many manufacturers can boast of these advantages. But on condition that a verified seller is engaged in its implementation. And on the contrary, it is absolutely not worth buying a collimator on dubious marketplaces. After all, instead of the original equipment, you can slip a cheap fake. Therefore, there is no better place than the online store “League of Sports” to purchase a collimator sight for weapons.

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