Many modern men remain knights at heart. They sometimes want to shoot, emphasize their masculinity or just blow off steam. Some girls are not alien to gun shooting. To legally afford such entertainment, you can buy an air gun. Its price will vary depending on the parameters, type, manufacturer and design. Again, the place where you get a certain type of gun is important. For example, you can order on the website of an online store in Kharkiv or other cities of Ukraine. The sale will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Areas of application of pneumatic pistols

However, before proceeding to the direct choice, you need to understand what exactly pneumatic pistols are. What are they for and how safe are they?

In general , experts distinguish several types of pistols:

  • Firearms. Such weapons work on the basis of the combustion of gunpowder. This releases energy to eject the bullet (normal or blank). Such devices are dangerous. To wear them, you need to have a special permit. They are usually used by special services or the military.
  • Traumatic. These types of weapons also belong to the category of combat. Only they are not loaded with lead bullets, but with rubber ones. These models are used by law enforcement agencies during mass riots, rallies, etc. This type of weapon causes less injury than the previous one.
  • Pneumatic. These variants of weapons are of several types: gas, spring-piston type and multicompression. The ejection force of the bullet (which is made of lead) is not very large. So it will not be possible to cause serious harm. Usually such pneumatic pistols are used for entertaining shooting, hunting small birds.
  • Sports. These types of pistols can be firearms or pneumatic. They are used exclusively for sports purposes. Usually their weight is greater, as the weapon is strengthened. This is done so that it does not wear out from frequent training.
  • So, we see that an air pistol, in essence, does not represent anything dangerous. You can buy it when you reach the age of 18. It does not require permission. Of course, it is impossible to shoot, for example, within the city limits. It is also important to strictly observe safety precautions in relation to others. After all, if you get into an arm or leg, you can get off with a bruise.

    The word “pneumatic” came from the Greek “wind” or “breath”. Back in the XVII century, this type of weapon was considered as an alternative to firearms. After all, in this case, the power, the accuracy of flight in pneumatics was higher than that of primitive guns. Again, these devices are not afraid of moisture, they are not so noisy, there is no smoke when fired.

    Today, these types of weapons are used in hunting. For example, guns perfectly cope with the set goals, delighting hunters with new prey. Pneumatic pistols are also suitable for hunting small birds and shooting at banks or targets. Many people buy copies of well-known firearms, such as TT or PM.

    Regarding the bullets used, the following can be said. For the first time, the Frenchman Louis Flaubert invented lead-type bullets without a powder element in different types of pistols and rifles back in 1845. About five years later, the so-called Flaubert cartridge was patented. His first caliber was 9 millimeters. But then bullets began to be produced in various modifications. It is the analogues of those first attempts of the Frenchman that are used in our time together with pneumatic pistols.

    Types of pneumatic pistols regarding the principle of operation

    There are several types of pneumatic pistols that differ in the principle of operation. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  • An air gun on gas. These types of devices have a special gas canister. Pressure is created in it, which makes it possible for the bullet to fly out. The weight of the cylinder is from eight to twelve grams. In this pneumatic weapon, round steel balls coated with copper are used for shooting. The speed of departure of the ball in this type of gun depends on the air temperature. For example, in case of frost, it can drop significantly. The advantages of this type of weapon include small dimensions and weight, high firing speed and accuracy. Usually it is these models of pneumatic pistols that are made in the form of copies of popular military weapons (for example, the Makarov pistol, etc.).
  • Spring-piston. Usually this type of work can be observed in guns in shooting galleries. In this case, the principle of an air gun is the same. The spring is unbent and the bullet flies out. This type of pistol is very actively used. He shoots accurately, does not require the use of cylinders. Different types of bullets are suitable for it. However, there are also disadvantages of this pneumatic weapon. These include a not very high rate of fire. Also, during the shot, the movement of the spring can affect the stability of this type of gun.
  • Multicompression. In this case, the air gun works by compressed air. The shooter pumps the cylinder with air manually. When you pull the trigger, the air is abruptly released and gives a boost to the bullet. This type of pistol can be loaded with several bullets. The disadvantages of this type include the need to pump air before firing.
  • As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages in different types of pistols. Before buying a pneumatic weapon, it is worth considering them, weighing all the pros and cons, starting from the need for weapons and the scope of its use.

    Other criteria for choosing air guns in Ukraine

    In addition to the features of the principle of operation, there are also other criteria by which some samples of pneumatic pistols may differ from others.

    • The weight of the weapon. If we are talking about a sports air pistol, then its weight should not exceed one and a half kilograms. Some people tend to buy complete copies of pneumatic weapons identical even in weight to real firearms analogues. But this is not always good. It is better that an ordinary air gun does not weigh more than 0.7 kilograms. Again, the balloon, optics, etc. will still add extra weight to it.
    • The shape of the handle. There are different variations and types of pistols regarding the design of the handle. It is important that it fits well in the hand, does not slip out. It should not be rough, have hooks, sharp parts. There are types of pistols with plastic and wooden handles.

    Pneumatic pistols and their varieties by design and manufacturer:

  • “Stalker”. This type of pistol was developed by a Taiwanese company. She has specialized in the creation and development of airsoft weapons for many years. But not so long ago, she released a line of replicas of the famous weapon called Stalker. These types of pistols work on gas. They have high reliability in details, very similar to their real counterparts. These types find their application in recreational shooting and training classes. The parameters of all pneumatic replicas are very good. The shot is fired at high speed and with a loud bang. The models of Stalker pneumatic pistols differ in materials, the presence of a blowback effect, options for installing a gas cylinder, etc.
  • “Baikal”. This is a type of pistols produced by the Russian enterprise Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. There are quite a lot of options for pneumatics here. There is, for example, the model “Baikal” MP-53M, which is loaded like a rifle with the help of a barrel crease. It has a handle designed in such a way that it is convenient to hold it with both left and right hands. A single-shot pneumatic weapon gives beginners the opportunity to learn how to shoot.
  • Replicas of the famous Makarov (Baikal MP-65K) have also been created. Inserts a canister and balls into the clip (up to 13 pieces at a time). The model has a fuse that mimics its similarity to the real one. It is impossible to use this type of air pistol for self-defense, since the power is quite small. All products of this plant are of high quality and have managed to prove themselves well on the market.
  • “Walter.” This company from Germany is also engaged in the creation of a line of convenient and high-quality modern pneumatic weapons. These types of pistols are created with German precision and diligence. For example, the “Walter” model The SR-88 shows itself perfectly during amateur and sports shooting. The air gun can be cocked by itself or by pulling the trigger. The speed of the shot here is higher than that of the IZH models. It is 120 meters per second. There are variants of pneumatic pistols with wooden or plastic pads on the handle. Both types are very comfortable and of high quality.
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