Nowadays, many variants of weapons for sports and hunting are offered for sale. One of the popular options is onions. It is perfect not only for entertainment, historical reconstruction, but also for sports, hunting animals and birds.

The design of the bow is not complicated at all – it is arched shoulders with a string stretched between them. To carry out the shot, an arrow is placed, the bowstring is pulled. To hit the target, accuracy, strength, and knowledge of the features of the weapon are important. Today, various sports bows are offered with blocks, complex construction, of one size or another.

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Sports, classic, block bow for hunting

To choose the best option for yourself, first of all, it is important to decide on the varieties of onions. Although the main elements of its design remained unchanged, some modifications did happen to it.

Highlight the main options:

  • Traditional sports bow.
  • Classic.
  • Block sports bow.
  • The traditional version looks the same as it did many years ago. These are wooden shoulders, a thin bowstring. Previously, it was used for military purposes and for obtaining food. Today, such weapons are most often used as hunting or sports.

    Replicas of popular models of European onions are in demand. To create such a design, it takes a lot of effort. These bows are usually made to order. To learn how to wield such a bow, you need to train a lot and regularly. Actively buying traditional options for hunting.

    Classic sports bows are also called Olympic bows. They are most suitable for sports and competitions. They differ from the previous ones in a more thoughtful design, the use of modern materials. They are lighter, as well thought out as possible for accurate shooting.

    To make a shot, in a classic sports weapon, the bowstring is pulled and the shoulders bend. Some constructions are created recursively (with two bends). This makes archery sports more powerful and accurate (accumulates more energy).

    To achieve greater accuracy during shooting, balancers, arrow shelves, sights are used together with sports weapons. By the way, the latter are very helpful during hunting.

    The block sports bow is also very popular today. It works on the basis of blocks and cables that increase the applied force, accumulate energy and transfer it to the arrow. Block models are also used for sports or as hunting. With small dimensions, they can show high shot power when the elbow and shoulder joint are working, while the fingers and hand are relaxed.

    The weapon is supplemented with vibration dampers, sights and other accessories.

    Hunting with a bow: features

    If you want to choose a variant of a sports bow for hunting, it is important to know what features, advantages and disadvantages it will have.

  • Such a weapon will not be able to fire a shot further than 40 meters. So you need to get close to the goal. The distance depends on the characteristics of the sport bow and the skill of the hunter. Usually in the wild there is a lot of interference (wind, branches), so ideally the distance should be even smaller.
  • It is worth remembering that the hunting sports bow does not recharge quickly. To do this, you need to get an arrow, put it down, turn sideways to the target, estimate the distance. If the game is scared off, then it is very difficult to get into it a second time.
  • Hunting sports bow and arrows are not the most compact weapons. A special quiver is needed for its transportation. It is usually hung on the back or belt. This often makes it difficult to move.
  • However, if you adapt, you can quite use a sports bow for hunting, getting pleasure from it. Most often, ungulates are hunted with this weapon. Sometimes a wolf.

    In order to effectively shoot prey, it is important to know the features of its anatomy, to choose suitable arrows for power. For example, unlike a bullet, an arrow cannot pierce the spine or skull. Also, before hunting, it is important to practice accuracy by visiting the training ground.

    Tips for choosing a sports bow

    In order to choose the optimal model of a sports weapon, it is important to adhere to some rules.

    • Proceed from the set goals and objectives.

    If this is hunting, then it is better to buy a weapon as light and compact as possible. In this case, a quiver will be mandatory. They usually choose classic or traditional models, as they are light and comfortable. Block sports options are more bulky.

    If you choose a sports bow for training and competitions, then you should buy a classic model (Olympic). For beginners, this is the best option. You can choose various accessories for it. For shooting more experienced athletes, you can purchase block sports equipment.

    • Ease of use.

    Classic sports bows are created with the possibility of disassembly. In them, if necessary, you can replace the shoulders by picking up more rigid, long, etc. Block structures are adjusted by changing the position of cables and blocks. There is no need to buy anything here.

    • Cost.

    If we talk about the price, there are several approaches. Within the same type of bows, the more expensive ones will be of high quality and complex in design. But if we compare traditional and block ones, then the former are more expensive only due to their exclusivity.

    So, it will not be difficult to pick up a sports bow. It is important to have an idea of the options, to know why you needed such a weapon and to objectively assess your level of proficiency with it.

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