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Does the child spend a lot of time with the phone or at the computer? No need to swear: introduce him to a useful hobby! Lawn tennis is a sport that will appeal to little fidgets. In addition, it helps:

  • Strengthen different muscle groups, avoid physical inactivity.
  • Train strength, agility, endurance and reaction.
  • Become stronger, healthier and more cheerful.

While playing tennis, it is very difficult to get injured. Especially if the training takes place under the guidance of an experienced coach and with proper equipment. Therefore, the first stage of preparation for classes is the choice of children’s rackets, balls, and everything that can be useful on the court!

Choosing a children’s racket by profession

Conventionally, the whole variety of children’s tennis rackets can be divided into three categories:

  • For beginners – guys who have just decided to try themselves in tennis, and do not have special skills in this game. The distinctive features of such children’s rackets are lightness, high strength. The weight of equipment for beginners rarely exceeds 270 grams. In size, such rackets are from 70 to 74 cm. They are ideal for training, will help to hone the technique.
  • Amateur. Such models of rackets are more “professional” than the previous type. The weight reaches 300 grams, the size is up to 70 cm. Amateur rackets are designed for infrequent games with medium intensity. Suitable for competitions at school, tournaments with friends. But if the child plans to play sports at a higher level, this option will not work. 
  • Professional – for players who have a well-honed technique and demonstrate real sports results. The weight of such a children’s racket is more impressive than that of the previous two types. In some cases, it reaches 390 grams. In addition, such models are distinguished by a reduced head and an increased length. Maneuverable, comfortable models that help you play and win. 

With the choice of the professionalism of the racket for children, everything is very simple: the option should correspond to the level of training of the child. The first type is suitable for starting – rackets for beginners. And later, on the recommendation of the coach, it will be possible to get a professional tennis racket. 

Choosing a children’s racket by size

The size of the racket is extremely important for effective training and comfortable play. Improper dimensions of the model are problems with swinging, impact force. In addition, it is inconvenient to hold a racket that is too big or too small in your hands. As well as too heavy. Even if it’s an unprofessional game. 

So, when choosing a racket for a child, pay attention to:

  • The handle. Before choosing it, measure the child’s palm from the second fold to the end of the ring finger. This indicator should be guided by buying a handle of one size or another.
  • The blade. The size of the blade is measured in centimeters square, and varies from 426 to 871. Rackets with large blades are well suited for pair play, but they lose to models with small accuracy and impact strength. 
  • The weight of the racket. For beginners, the lightest models are best suited. They have less power, but they allow you to train the technique at the initial stages without experiencing discomfort and without risking injury.

Tip: be sure to pay attention to the strength of the racket, the material of its manufacture and the quality of production. Your task is to find a model that will perform well during games and training, and also will not cause trouble with care.

The priority is the brand–manufacturer of sports equipment. Trust reliable manufacturers with a worldwide reputation: they are more responsible about the manufacture of rackets, use modern materials, carefully test the finished products. We can safely recommend Wilson, Head, Babolat children’s rackets.

Not a single racket: choosing equipment for lawn tennis

To be “fully armed” before the first workout, you should stock up not only with a high-quality, reliable racket. Be sure to buy lawn tennis balls as a set for it: it’s better to have a whole set at once. Balls tend to get lost, be prepared for this. Depending on the pile, the balls are:

  • Standard – with a dense outer layer. They are well suited for outdoor games, as well as on dirt surfaces.
  • Extra – with a long pile. They are optimal for frequent classes, as they wear out much slower than the previous type.
  • For the grass. As it is already clear from the name, this is an option for lawn tennis on a grass surface. The surface of the ball is resistant to contamination. 

Also, the balls differ in weight, flight speed and other parameters. Therefore, before choosing one or another option, be sure to consult with a trainer.

You can’t do without such a useful accessory as strings for a racket. They differ in thickness, size and material. Strings are made from:

  • Nylon is a budget option for novice players.
  • Kevlar – strong, durable, resistant to damage and wear.
  • Natural materials (cow veins). Such strings are not durable, but they manifest themselves well during the game. They are chosen by professional athletes. 
  • Polyester. This is also an option for players with a well–established technique and a proven strike force. Beginners don’t need them. 

The thickness of the strings for a children’s racket is selected depending on the technique of the game, as well as other individual factors. Therefore, be sure to seek the help of specialists before making a final decision. 

And in order to carry sports equipment for games and training it was more convenient, you will need a sports bag. Here you can choose a classic bag with a cover for a children’s racket, or a more comfortable and roomy backpack. The advantage of backpacks over bags is that they evenly distribute the load on both shoulders, without provoking problems with posture. Backpacks for lawn tennis come in different sizes, so it will not be difficult to choose the option that best suits your child.

How to take care of children’s tennis rackets and other equipment?

And finally, let’s talk about the rules of care. In order for a children’s tennis racket to last longer, it is not recommended to hit it on the ground, hard objects. It is necessary to store the racket in a special case, which is protected from dust, dirt and moisture. It is also necessary to protect the inventory from too bright sunlight. Under its influence, the strings of the racket become brittle, and can break at the most inopportune moment of the game. If the absorbent tape on the children’s racket is erased, it will need to be bought and re-wound. Otherwise, the handle will slip out of the palm of your hand. 

You can choose children’s tennis rackets and other sports equipment in our online store. And if you find it difficult – contact the sales consultants, they will be happy to help you. We know everything about tennis, and we will share this knowledge with you. Let sports be effective and comfortable! 

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