Pneumatic weapons (air guns) are very popular in Ukraine. The fact is that no permits are required for the purchase of a model with a caliber up to 4.5 mm, the speed of which is less than 100 m/s. You just come to the store or go to a specialized website, choose the weapon you like (a rifle, a rifle or a pistol), buy bullets for pneumatics and you can safely engage in sports or entertainment shooting for your own pleasure. In this article, we propose to figure out what kind of bullets for pneumatics are, how to choose them correctly and where it is most profitable to buy. For beginners, this is the moment that causes the greatest difficulties.

Classification of air cartridges

There are 2 types of bullets for pneumatics:

  • Lead.
  • Steel.
  • The former are used for rifled barrels of rifles and pistols and resemble balls in appearance. The latter are suitable for smooth barrels, and they only happen with pistols. Steel bullets for pneumatics resemble an ordinary shooting gallery bullet, which has a head and a “skirt”.

    Occasionally on the shelves of stores you can find bullets for pneumatics, which include iridium. This is a very hard material that contributes to the increased hardness of the ammunition.

    If you look at the shape, you can distinguish the following types of bullets for pneumatics:

  • Flat. Such bullets for pneumatics are ideal for sports shooting. After the shot, they leave round holes in the target. Suitable for shooting at short distances.
  • Conical. They have a high penetrating power, however, due to the imperfect center of the cone, the accuracy of shooting is not always high.
  • Hemispherical. Such bullets for pneumatics are suitable for shooting at long distances. Their ballistic coefficients are quite high.
  • Expansive. Their second name is unfolding bullets. Due to the recess in the head after the shot, the bullet turns sideways, thereby increasing the area of the target. Most often, such bullets for pneumatic weapons are used for recreational hunting at short distances.
  • Revivals. They resemble combat bullets in shape and are suitable for powerful rifles with supersonic speeds.
  • Spherical. These are the usual balls for everyone. They are also called BB. They can be used for smoothbore CO2 pneumatics. Spherical bullets for pneumatics are created with copper, steel, zinc anti-corrosion coating. They are suitable for entertaining shooting at banks.
  • Armor-piercing. Such bullets for pneumatics in the core have a solid material (most often a steel ball). They are best used for entertaining shooting at cans and bottles.
  • Caps. These are lightweight bullets for pneumatics. In high-powered rifles, they are capable of reaching supersonic speeds to feel a powerful barrier. They are used mainly in shooting galleries.
  • Darts. These are elongated bullets with a sharpened metal tip. Experts do not recommend using them often, as they can spoil the barrel of a weapon.
  • A separate category are flash-noise cartridges for signal pistols. A few words should be said about them separately.

    Blank cartridges for signal pistols

    Blank cartridges are not intended for firing. There is no bullet in them, they simply simulate the flames and sound effects that occur during firing from a combat weapon. They can be used for almost any weapon, although they are most often used in pneumatic pistols and revolvers with a caliber of 9 mm. Traumatic and gas pistols can also be loaded with blank cartridges, provided that a special sleeve is installed.

    There are several types of cartridges for a signal pistol:

    • parachute and non-parachute lighting (their signal is visible both during the day and at night);
    • combined (combine light and sound signals);
    • smoke (it is recommended to use only in conditions of good illumination of the area).

    Signal cartridges can be distinguished from ordinary ones by the green color of the tip. Sound variants can produce sound of more than 120 dB.

    Flaubert cartridges for pneumatics

    It is these bullets that the owners of medium-sized pneumatics are most often looking for. They have a conical or spherical shape. The caliber of such cartridges is 4.2 mm, 4.5 mm or 5.6 mm. They are considered low–power, the initial departure speed does not exceed 210 m / s, weight – 0.5 g – 1.3 g, energy – 40-60 J. The main advantage of Flaubert cartridges is that there is practically no sound and flame when fired. And they also have a relatively small cost.

    A few words about the weight of bullets for pneumatics

    A 4.5 mm bullet (the most common variant) weighs very little. It is practically weightless, so it may seem that there is no difference which one to choose. But this opinion is erroneous, because in fact a lot depends on the weight of the ammunition.

    Most often, the mass of bullets for pneumatics ranges from 0.28 g to 1.13 g. Light bullets, whose weight does not reach 0.18 g, are used in low-power weapons: light rifles, CO2 pistols. Medium (0.49 g – 0.56 g) – they manifest themselves best in weapons with a capacity of about 16 J – 28 j. Heavy (more than 0.57) are used in powerful pneumatic weapons. With them, you can even go hunting for not very big game.

    5 reasons to buy pellets for air in the online market

    You can buy Flaubert cartridges in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipro) or any other city of the country only in specialized stores. But for this you need to allocate time and go somewhere. And the prices there are likely to be quite high. Another thing is an online store. Online, you can literally buy everything you need in a few clicks without leaving home. The main thing is to choose a reliable website.

    Buying online is more profitable and convenient, and that’s why:

    • lower prices without extra surcharges. Stationary stores are forced to compensate for their costs of renting retail space, salaries to employees, utility bills, etc. Therefore, the cost of bullets for pneumatics and other goods has a good cheat. Online stores are often devoid of such costs, so the price there is almost always lower;
    • a large assortment. On the Web, you can find literally everything you need, while in a regular store there may not be any bullets for pneumatics available;
    • convenience of ordering. The scheme is as follows: you find the product you are interested in, throw it into a virtual basket, place an order and wait for a call from an online store specialist to clarify the details. Then they send your order, and a few days later you receive the parcel at the nearest branch of your chosen courier service. Payment can be made immediately after placing an order, or it is possible after receiving the goods;
    • consultations of specialists by phone or online. If you have any questions about bullets for pneumatics, you can safely call the hotline and find out for yourself all the unclear points. Such services are free.
    • quality assurance. The buyer in the online store is protected by the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Rights Protection”. If there are any problems with the product, you can always count on a refund or replacement.

    Perhaps the only drawback of buying in an online store is the inability to look at the product, as they say, “live”. But for bullets for pneumatics, this is not so important.

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