Spring is already close, so a great way to enter this turbulent time of the year is to give the arenas of football events as much bright colors as possible. Nike has just presented the new official Merlin match ball for the English Premier League.

We have already evaluated several excellent colors of the official “matchballs” of the Premier League this season. It all started with the release of the first variation of Merlin in June last year, which impressed us with its bold look at the design of the game projectile. Then the Hi-Vis version was released, which pleased us with retro styling, including the iconic Nike Total 90 branding, as a reference to some of the most influential ball designs in the history of the Premier League.

And so, Nike revealed to the world the third visual design this season for a series of official “matchballs” of the Merlin submarine. We’ll just say that this ball will certainly leave its mark on history. Let’s take a closer look at it!

The first thing that catches your eye is the bright orange circles that cover some of the panels. Such a solution is a good way to make the ball more noticeable during the game, and for both football players and fans. The graphic design of this ball also contains thin black lines that are the contours of orange circles.

Another detail worth mentioning is the Nike corporate logo. The end of the brand symbol is made in the form of a zigzag, which distinguishes it from other Nike footballs. The Premier League logo with a lion and a trophy is located on the black segment of the ball.

The projectile is a 4-panel design, which minimizes the number of seams, as well as improves touch and overall performance. The ball is equipped with Nike All Condition Control (ACC) technology – this will help players to control it confidently in all weather conditions. This “matchball” is made using Aerowtrac microtexture to stabilize the deflection of the projectile in flight. Ideal for verified long passes and shots on goal. In addition, the polyethylene layer ensures maximum accuracy.

Very soon we will be enthusiastically watching how the brightest stars of the Premier League, such as Mo Salah, Marcus Rashford, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Sergio Aguero will send the new official “matchball” of the elite tournament into the net.

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