The battle for trophies in European football is getting hotter every day, because the English Premier League and the Champions League are gradually coming to the finish line. In parallel with this, there is an equally acute struggle for the unspoken title of “the most iconic soccer ball 2020”. Not afraid of fierce competition, Nike and Adidas are releasing new ball models literally one after another, presenting their candidates in the honorary nomination “the most iconic ball of the football season”.

Nike have prepared a new Merlin ball for the Premier League, while a new version of the Adidas Finale game projectile will accompany us on the thorny path to the Champions League final, which will be held on May 30 in Istanbul.

The Merlin line of matchballs, produced by Nike by order of the Premier League, is a true legend of the industry. By the way, this season the American manufacturer has used its classic design samples of previous years, in order to create the most stylish visual image for the main character of the best league in the world. And just at the time when the winter “matchball” of the Nike Winter Merlin submarine, inspired by the 2004 model T90, is preparing to fly into the goal net for the last time, Nike presented its new ball designed to seriously compete with the Adidas Finale.

Note that this season, for the first time, the top division of English football will have as many as three official “matchballs”, while variations of the white color that opened the season will happen to crown it.

Working on the creation of the third ball for the English Premier League, Nike engineers took as a basis the technology and style of the first ball of the current season, giving it drama by adding graphic elements symbolizing the cup of the winner of the Premier League, as well as orange inserts tunnel vision (“tunnel vision”). All this is aimed at emphasizing the concentration of public attention on the best football players in the world who are trying to renounce the annoying hype, aiming to win an honorary prize.

The importance of the moment of accomplishment is illustrated in the design of the game projectile with the help of the curved corporate logo and orange circular lines of tunnel vision, instantly riveting the eye. In fact, this is a very interesting design idea, which is very likely to be developed in future models of Nike balls

Adidas designers, in turn, drew inspiration from the picturesque Bosphorus Strait separating Europe and Asia, flowing right in the heart of Istanbul. This beautiful city will host the final match of the UEFA Champions League in 2020. The famous “League of Champions” stars here are surrounded by a graphic representation of the map of Istanbul, made in neon pink and blue shades. This graphic is based on a hand-drawn route passing through the Turkish capital.

Familiar from childhood and beloved by all of us, the classic “star” design in this ball has its own characteristic feature. The stars seem to pass through each other without meeting at the end points, as was the case in previous models. The design of the presented “matchball” also contains the usual brand elements and the Istanbul 20 Final logo, in which, as in the official Premier League ball, there is a silhouette of the coveted trophy. This is a kind of visual reminder of what, in fact, there is a struggle in the matches of the tournament.

In the current situation, it is quite difficult to choose an unambiguous favorite. Both of these balls are very different from a stylistic point of view. However, it is indisputable that these two models were created based on a well-thought-out design concept. The only aspect that can give Adidas matchball a certain advantage is that all 16 clubs playing the first matches of the 1/8 finals today are still fighting for the final triumph in the Champions League, while Liverpool’s total dominance in the Premier League means only that we have to monitor the distribution of places in the Top 5, as well as the fierce struggle to maintain a “residence permit” in the elite division.

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