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Revolvers chambered for Flaubert appeared about two hundred years ago in France. It all started with the fact that the gunsmith Louis Flaubert managed to create a completely new type of bullet — it was a copper sleeve, in the bottom of which there was a rattling compound. It was used as a charge for throwing. Today, these cartridges belong to weapons with ring ignition.

Manufacturers produce revolvers with similar characteristics. They may differ only in the quality of the assembly or the material from which the parts are made. Among the wide range of revolver models for the Flaubert cartridge, a weapon from a Czech company called Alfa stands out. It is reliable, accurate, has an ergonomic design, and is easy to use. Such qualities can easily guarantee the manufacturer an impeccable reputation.

Revolvers from Alfa company in two versions — with nickel-plated and blued coating. In the first case, the barrel is more protected from mechanical damage. In the second — less, since bluing is created by oxidation, which is inferior to nickel plating in strength. Revolvers from this manufacturer can also have different barrel lengths: the 420 series model is 2 inches, the 440 (441) series model is 4 inches, and the 460 (461) series model is 6 inches. The weapon from the Alfa 420 line is more suitable for use every day than others, because it is compact, convenient and fits perfectly in a holster.

A revolver with a barrel length of 4 inches (for example, Alfa 440 models) will be a good option for training shooting. To improve the accuracy of the hit in this case, you should cock the trigger manually before each shot. Thus, the force applied to the trigger is significantly reduced, and the barrel does not deviate, so the result will significantly improve.

But the optimal weapon for sports shooting will be the 440 series revolver. In it, the length of the trunk is 15 centimeters, or 6 inches. A weapon with a long barrel is capable of giving the best indicators of aiming range and accuracy of fire. But it is worth considering that such a revolver, due to the length of the barrel, which is not holstered, is inconvenient to wear every day.

Since the material of the handle is an essential indicator for weapons of strategic importance, Alfa produces revolvers with plastic or wooden (walnut) handles. The plastic version is cheaper, but it is more prone to chipping and scratching than the wooden one. A pleasant moment is that you will be able to replace the handle in all revolvers under the Flaubert cartridge from Alfa.

Trigger mechanisms and drums are the most important parts in the device of the weapon. They are made of the most durable material — steel. They have a very long wear period, even with prolonged use, so the manufacturer can guarantee an operating time of up to 5 thousand shots.

Alfa company equips its weapon with a double-acting firing mechanism with steel. It is able to significantly increase the rate of fire and reduce accuracy, as well as the firing range. Rifled barrels are also made of steel.

To extend the service life of Alfa revolvers, it is necessary to clean its barrel with a nylon brush after each use, lubricating it with special oil. Make sure that your weapon is not subjected to mechanical damage and moisture penetration. In addition, store and carry the revolver in a branded holster made of aged leather, which does not change shape and practically does not wear out.


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