You ask why not a dozen? Indeed, the number 14 is not the best option for such a selection.  However, this is not so important. The really important thing is that each of these excellent models needs a remake so that we can fully experience the aching nostalgia. So far, 2019 is passing under the sign of reissues of archival models, and we do not mind adding a certain number of very worthy samples to this list.

Over the past few years, many remakes of iconic models of football boots have been made. Adidas has especially succeeded in this direction, giving an updated look to the Predator Mania, Accelerator and Precision models. Some reissues came out with a limited number of pairs, others were sent to mass production. Yes, there is no trick in this technique – to re-release a shoe model that already has a huge number of admirers… But, damn it, it really works. In light of all this, we asked you a question: “Which model of boots remake would you definitely purchase if they were released tomorrow?”.

By the way, this month Nike was also noticed in the recycling of T90 Laser I boots, an updated version of which was sold out in a matter of minutes. There is no doubt that market participants will not stop there. So, what’s next? Check out the list of models and choose the option that you will like. Personally , we would purchase several batches of remakes of all the models presented .

Nike CTR360 Maestri is a name that is still heard in the world of football. This is quite a promising candidate for a commercially successful reissue. Being introduced in 2009, the Nike CTR360 Maestri model is probably still too young to create a remake. But, you must agree, I would really like to see the triumphant return of the most popular Nike football boots today. You would have acquired any of the three generations, wouldn’t you? And, nevertheless, we choose the coloring of the first generation of the OG model. By the way, this year we celebrate her 10th anniversary…

Adidas Predator Powerswerve. This popular brand has already presented a series of remakes of the Predator model this year, and in this sense, it’s just a sin for us to complain about it. But over time, you always want something new. What about Powerswerve? This is Steven Gerrard’s favorite variation of Predator boots! The model was presented in 2007, and, according to many, has the most stylish design in the line after Mania.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor III was first released in 2006. The design of these boots with their smooth and plain top is probably the most successful development of designers from the entire Mercurial series. Paint them in any color, and they will look just gorgeous. Based on this, it would be nice to get a collection of at least five colors. Hi guys from Nike J

Nike Mercurial Vapor II. At first, there was a temptation to add the first edition of Mercurial Vapor to this list, however, in the end, the second generation impressed a little more. It has been 15 years since the release of the model with the iconic gold coloring, which should serve as a good reason for another attack of the “gold rush”.

Latest Arrivals category: Nike Mercurial Cleats

Kylian Mbappé Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy Boots FG/MG DV0707-694

4200 UAH 2999 UAH

Centipedes Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Pro TF DJ5605-001

7000 UAH 3999 UAH

Centipedes Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy TF DJ5635-001

4600 UAH 2599 UAH

Centipedes Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Pro TF DJ5605-780

7000 UAH 3999 UAH

Centipedes Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy TF DJ5635-780

4000 UAH 2999 UAH

Nike Mercurial Vapor Club CJ1301-401 Futsal Shoes

2400 UAH 1499 UAH

Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Pro AH7387-801 Futsal Shoes

6000 UAH 2999 UAH

Nike Mercurial Vapor Zoom 14 PRO IC CV0996-600 Futsal Shoes

6000 UAH 2999 UAH

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Club FG/MG DJ5963-001 Cleats

3100 UAH 1999 UAH

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Club FG/MG DJ5963-780 Cleats

3100 UAH 2199 UAH

Adidas Supernova is a model released at the peak of Predator Mania’s popularity, therefore, much less attention was paid to it and therefore it was slightly underestimated. In fact, they were already familiar adiPure with some characteristic elements. Back in 2003, such outstanding footballers as Patrick Vieira and Frank Lampard played in Supernova boots.

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 I. There is no doubt that the remake of this model will be a huge commercial success. Again, it was not easy to decide on the color, but we will still make a choice in favor of white and blue colors. We are sure that if you were the lucky owner of these boots, then you would not play in anything other than Nike Air Zoom Total 90 I boots for the whole week following the purchase.

Adidas F50 adizero 2010. This is the premiere F50 model of the adizero era and soon we will have a reason to celebrate a decade since its release. The leather variation provides lightness and comfort, however, it was boots made of synthetic materials that opened new markets for the F50 model.

Nike Mercurial Vapor SL In 2008, Nike developed a lightweight high-speed concept called Mercurial, creating boots whose top was 100% made of carbon fiber. One boot weighed only some 185 grams and was visually associated with a fragment of a spaceship. Well, there is a very wide scope for working on a remake of such a model.

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III was presented 15 years ago. In this case, there is rather a mathematical reason for reissuing the model. Every digit in this world should be printed only in this font and placed in a circle. Take us back to the era of EURO 2004! Are we really diligently looking for a PS2 to play a EURO 2004 match at that stadium with a picturesque rock behind the gate? No, not us, but you. J

Lotto Zhero Gravity. These revolutionary football boots without lacing were released in 2006. Lotto made history by developing a model of boots without laces, significantly earlier than its more hyped competitors. Adidas has already managed to remove the laces from the boots of all models included in the collection. The manufacturer from Italy should break his head in search of some new innovative solution that would help the brand to be among the market leaders again.

Nike T90 Laser IV. Can’t there be a lot of good things? A controversial statement. Have we already received one remake of the Laser model? Fine, there will be another one.. And three is better, thanks J

Adidas F50 2004. I wonder for what reason, as soon as we see these boots, we always remember the Irish scorer Damien Duff? It’s hard to say for sure, but this is another good reason to expect the reissue of this color of the OG model with even more enthusiasm. White and blue coloring in the style of EURO 2004 would be an excellent choice. A collection of two variations of boots, released in honor of the 15th anniversary of their presentation, would certainly be a good gift for buyers.

Adidas F50 2005. In one year, the 15th anniversary of the release will be the second generation of the F50 model. Jermain Defoe would certainly be interested in an updated version of it.

Latest Arrivals category: Adidas Cleats

Adidas Copa Mundial FG 015110 cleats made in Germany

7000 UAH 4199 UAH

Centipedes Adidas Predator Edge.3 Laceless TF GX2630

4200 UAH 2599 UAH

Centipedes Adidas Predator Edge.4 TF GX7796

3000 UAH 1799 UAH

Adidas X 15.3 B27001 Cleats

3100 UAH 1499 UAH

Adidas Predator Edge cleats.3 Laceless FG GW2278

4000 UAH 2599 UAH

Adidas Predator Edge cleats.3 Low FG GW2280

3800 UAH 2199 UAH

Adidas Predator Edge futsal shoes.3 Low IN GX0016

3800 UAH 2199 UAH

Futsal Adidas Mundial Goal 019310

5500 UAH 3799 UAH

Centipedes Adidas Copa Sense.3 TF GW4965

3600 UAH 2499 UAH

Centipedes Adidas Kaiser 5 Team Astro 677357

4200 UAH 2999 UAH

Adidas adiPURE I. This remake would be much more desirable if several new models of boots with leather tops were not released, timed to coincide with the upcoming Copa America 2019.

Were you looking for, but did not find any variations of the Cica Blades model boots in the given list? Do you think they deserve to be present there? Send us a message on Twitter and we will take appropriate measures if we do not consider what you wrote to us to be complete nonsense.

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