‘Friends’ At 25: Creating The Next Gen TV Cultural Icons

There can be no better geographical testbed for the cultural symbols of the campus than Boston. 

Completely anecdotal (but thorough) search of the recent posters in several campuses and stores in funky comic found three cult television object, standing above all others as the decoration of Dorm rooms: Friends, The Office and Seinfeld. 

Obviously, Netflix created a culture of surveillance of the snacking combined generation favorite broadcast networks.

But today’s media companies cannot rest on their old laurels. If you’re in the business of producing and distributing content for a living, what would it take to try to replicate such spectacular long-term success?

Although these iconic TV brands went off the air 6 years ago and entered the mainstream years before today’s students were born (Friends are celebrating 25 years this year), they are constantly thriving on a variety of media platforms. 

All or of course have been part of NBC’s long history of cult sitcoms. Seinfeld may have been the most vaunted Comedy of all time. Friends have been the mainstay of Thursday night NBC’s «Must-See TV» for a decade. The Agency had been using the network for several years longer than its brief British antecedent.

Today in: Business
Since their departure from NBC shows got favorable and continuous cycles of syndication on broadcast and cable television. Seinfeld has made roughly $ 3.1 billion since it ceased production, Friends is estimated to bring in $ 1 billion a year, and Office has become a financial ruthless merchant among many other sources of income (Dundler Mifflin swag, anyone?).

Endless profile of these shows helped them to make their main products existing streaming platforms, particularly Netflix and Hulu. Netflix increased the annual payment to friends from $ 30 million to $ 100 million for 2019 alone. NBCU simply outweighed Netflix to take Office out of Netflix to its yet-to-be-launched streaming service, committing $ 500 million over the next five years. Virtually the first strategic decision, announced on the upcoming Warner Media services at HBO, Max, was the fact that he refuses to cash Netflix and displays friends Warner Bros. orbit HBO Max. We’re still waiting on the half-billion-dollar pending decision on Seinfeld’s landing site after 2021 following the completion of his deal with Hulu.

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